What is Direct Primary Care?

 Direct  Primary  Care  is  a  membership  based  health  program  that,  in  exchange  for  a  monthly  fee,  offers  on-demand  access  to  quality  healthcare. While  Direct  Primary  Care  is  not insurance,  members  are  guaranteed  access  to  a  qualified  health  professional  for  their  primary  and  urgent  care  needs. This  access  comes  without  the  member  having  to  wait  days  or  weeks  to  see  a  provider, or  having  to  worry  about  costly  co-pays  and  rising  deductibles. 


To  enhance  member  access, Direct  Primary  Care  Members  can  speak  with  their  selected  healthcare  provider  over  the  phone  and  over our secure  HIPAA  compliant  app.    The  app  allows  members  to  communicate  with  our  providers  via  HIPAA  compliant  email,  text,  or  video.

What is Employer Direct Primary Care?

 The Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) has caused insurance premiums to skyrocket at alarming rates. In fact, according to a recent Bloomberg study, costs have risen nearly 300% and are projected to continue to rise. This burdensome cost has left many small and medium sized employers with no choice but to offer high deductible plans, or require their employees to go to the “marketplace”to obtain insurance.

 At the same time, lost productivity because of employee sickness is at an all time high. According to a 2016 CDC study, employee sickness cost employers $225.8 billion in lost productivity. This equates to $1,685 for every employee in the United States. If employees continue to have delayed access to healthcare because of high deductibles, costly co-pays, and provider shortages, this figure will undoubtedly rise.

 An Employer Sponsored Direct Primary Care program allows an employer to offer their employees direct-access to qualified medical professionals. With an optional prescription drug benefit, the average cost per employee is $50.00 - $75.00 per month. The membership, which is a pre-tax benefit, can be paid by the employer, employee, or split between both. For an employer/employee to receive the full benefits of the membership, at least 50% of active employees must participate in the membership program. A full list of employer and employee benefits are included on the next slide.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care


  • No  Cost  or  Reduced  Work  Related  Injury  Care  

  • At  Cost  In-House  Rapid  Drug  Testing 

  • No  Cost  Annual  Department  of  Transportation  Physical  or  Annual  Wellness  Examination 

  • No  Cost  Employee  Access  to  Primary  and  Immediate  Care  Services 

  • On-site  Employee  Health  and  Wellness  Clinics 

  • Personalized  Employer/Employee  Membership  and  Prescription  Benefit  Card  


  • Wellness,  Primary,  and  Immediate  Care  Services 

  • Chronic  Condition  Management  (if  applicable)

  • Specialist  Care  Coordination  (if  applicable)

  • Wholesale  Pricing  on  Laboratory  Testing 

  • Prescription  Benefit  Card  (optional) 

  • Discounts  with  Businesses  that  Promote  Health  &  Wellness.

  • Employee  Family  Membership  Available  at  a  Discounted  Rate.